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Among the most vibrant and productive brand of Modena ceramic district, Lea Ceramiche has national coverage and international importance, with a presence in over 80 countries in 5 continents of the world. Besides Italy, the main markets are USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. Lea Ceramiche is part of Panariagroup Spa, the leading international ceramic listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, which owns the brands Panaria, Cotto d’Este, Fjord, Blustyle in Italy; Margres, Love Tiles in Portugal and Florida Tile in the United States of America.

Lea Ceramiche over the years has been the company of the group that has made the most significant transformation that has made us become one of the most prestigious world ceramic industry. This was possible thanks to the constant and massive investments directed to obtain an offer of collections each season with a great personality and success because they are based on careful research of style, aesthetics and performance. Excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, appearance, competence and reliability: these fundamental values ​​for Lea Ceramiche, the company in Fiorano Modenese, which designs and manufactures ceramic materials for cladding and flooring of each type of environment. The company’s innovative capacity is based on continuous experimentation, through the development of production systems and technologies, enables Lea Ceramiche to offer its customers a wide range of products of high quality that is at the top of the market for excellent technical performance and design content.
The synergy between the products, research and design allows the practitioner to offer a range of items that can satisfy a wide range of design requirements in a sustainable and better coordination with aesthetic architecture and decor. One example is Slimtech, the revolutionary stoneware laminate thickness of 3 mm and the extra dimensions of 1 meter x 3 meters, suitable for use to date are inaccessible to conventional ceramics.

Constant is the commitment of Lea Ceramiche aimed at protection of the environment. At every stage of life cycle production particular attention is paid to the work environment, raw materials, packaging used and each process is monitored so that there is an energy saving and environmental protection.

The tension continues to improve and the deep conviction of the importance of communication at various levels – the presence in the stands with unique exhibitions – as well as collaborations with international designers, leading in 2010 to open the first showroom Lea Ceramiche , along the street Durini of Milan. Concrete sign of the vitality and the company’s willingness to meet the public, professionals and non-space offers a personal point of view on issues of propriety and surfaces, described by means of temporary installations and different compositions and chromatic collections of Lea ceramics.

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