Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to leave your condo in New York City for a more spacious
house in Dallas now that you can work from home. Or, maybe your family is growing and you’re
looking for a house with a larger yard or in a different school district. Whatever your reason is,
you’ve decided it’s time to sell your current home. Whether this is your first time or you have
experience, selling your home can be a big task. So, unless you’re in a major time-crunch or on a
tight budget, it’s best to put a little work into your home before listing it for sale so you can sell your home quickly, and possibly for more money.

From installing new flooring to making eco-friendly upgrades, there are a lot of home
improvements you can – and should – do to make your home stand out when it hits the market.
But with so many potential home upgrades, it may feel overwhelming to know where to start.
Luckily, we’ve listed out the 7 home projects to consider if you’re selling your home this year.

1) Update your flooring
If the floors in your home are worn out or outdated, it can be a huge turnoff to potential buyers.
Even if you’ve grown used to the stains on the carpet or you no longer notice the divet in the
kitchen floor, you’ll want to have your flooring updated before listing your home for sale.
There are many types of flooring and the right choice will depend on your home. However, you
can never go wrong with hardwood. In fact, hardwood is the most popular and valuable type of
flooring to potential homebuyers in the US. Laminate and tile are also great flooring options to consider. To be sure you’re choosing the right type and style for your home, it’s best to talk
with a flooring professional, like Creative Tile, in your area.

2) Freshen up your paint
Are your walls scuffed, scraped, or just an unappealing color? A fresh coat of paint is a simple
yet effective home update, allowing you to maximize the look and feel of your space in next to
no time. As people tour your home, online or virtually, they’ll notice the small details. You
won’t want a poor paint job or an outdated, dark orange kitchen wall to be an influencing factor
on their decision. Instead, opt for neutral paint colors to appeal to a wide range of buyers.
Keep in mind that painting isn’t just for the inside, either. A fresh coat of exterior paint can do
wonders for your home’s appearance and curb appeal.  If you’re crunched for time or this home
project is too big of an undertaking, hire a professional painter so that your home is looking its
best when it hits the housing market.

3) Give your kitchen a face-lift
The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s often one of the top priorities for buyers. So a
kitchen in need of a lot of work can be all it takes to turn a buyer off for good. With stylish,
designer kitchens as one of the major home design trends this year, you’ll want to prioritize this
home project to help your house stand out against the competition.
If a complete remodel doesn’t fit within your budget, don’t worry. Upgrading your kitchen
doesn’t mean you need to go all out and buy brand new appliances – a few little cosmetic touches
can go a long way. Things like new cabinet faces, drawer pulls or, if necessary, a new counter,
can completely turn a kitchen around. Even adding a new backsplash or going bold with contrast
cabinetry can make all the difference. If you’re not sure which upgrades are necessary, consider
speaking with a contractor or real estate professional about current trends in your area.

4) Enhance your landscaping: curb appeal is key
Many homebuyers want the complete package – inside and out. A beautiful home is only made
better by a beautiful yard, so if your property is a little bland on the outside, the right finishing
touches can spark buyer interest. That’s why landscaping is one of the most important home
projects to complete before you sell your house.
Landscaping can be comprehensive – things like koi ponds and expansive patios – but can also
be straightforward and simple. Planting shrubs along a sidewalk, adding a small flower garden,
or even putting fresh mulch around trees can be affordable and easy ways to create eye-catching
curb appeal. Whether you want to completely upgrade your outdoor space with an intricate
landscape design, or your front yard just needs a well-manicured lawn with some fresh flowers, a
landscaper can help you tackle this home project.

5) Replace your windows
Depending on the age and condition of your home, it might be time to replace your windows.
Even if you’ve only lived in your home for 5 years, you should ask yourself how long the
previous owners were living there and if they ever had them replaced? If your windows have
minor damages, then they may just need a simple repair. But if the frames are worn, there’s
leaking when it rains, it’s difficult to open or close, or there’s just visible damage – you’ll want to
hire a professional to replace them.

6) Repair your garage door
Does your garage door squeak and squeal, or is it full of dings and scrapes? Then this is one of
the home projects you’ll want to stop pushing off. If your garage door no longer looks or acts up
to par, then a replacement is probably necessary – especially if it’s seen years of use with little to
no maintenance. Potential homebuyers will notice these issues and may request that you repair
them as part of the purchase agreement. That’s why it’s a good idea to get ahead of home
projects like this before listing your home. And even if your garage door is functioning as it
should, this can be a great cosmetic update to freshen up your home’s exterior.

7) “Green” home projects for an eco-friendly home
These days many buyers are looking for homes with eco-friendly features so taking the time to
add some “green” upgrades to your home can be well worth it. And, luckily, there are a handful of
ways you can make your home more green. If your budget allows, then installing solar panels is
the ultimate eco-friendly upgrade you could make. Solar panels can reduce the overall cost of
electricity and energy bills, are a more environmentally-friendly energy solution, and can even
increase the value of your home.  And if you live in a city like San Diego or Honolulu where it’s
become a popular home feature, you’ll want to invest in this eco-friendly upgrade.
If you’re unable to take on a larger home project like this, consider investing in other eco-
friendly and energy-saving features like a smart thermostat, an ENERGY STAR certified washer
and dryer, or installing a high-efficiency faucet aerator in your shower and on your taps.

Originally published by Redfin