Porcelain pavers are stylish, versatile and durable. If you’re looking to give your outdoor space that “wow” factor, porcelain is a great option. 

Twice as thick, porcelain pavers are extremely durable. Unlike wood, natural stone or cement, porcelain is NOT porous. That means it won’t absorb liquids that could cause cracking or staining. It also means porcelain does not require seasonal maintenance or surface treatments like sealers. Porcelain pavers will not change color or size over time. They can take heavy loads and are resistant . Their resistance doesn’t stop there. Porcelain pavers are also resistant to chemicals (making them pool safe), weather, frost, fire, mildew, salt, corrosion and scratching. They also have a high solar reflectance rating, meaning they don’t absorb much heat and become hot to the touch, and a high non-slip/non-skid rating.

Porcelain pavers can be installed directly onto gravel, sand or grass. They can be installed in the more traditional manner as well, with thinset, over a concrete pad. Fixed or adjustable feet can also be used to create a raised platform for the tiles. This is a great solution for areas with drainage issues. They are safe for use in gardens, public parks, pool exteriors, patios, terraces and driveways. 

Porcelain pavers come in a wide variety of looks and styles. For a classic deck look, there are wood-look porcelain pavers. For a cohesive pool and patio area, there are options to match your pavers to pool tiles, and so much more.