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Marble is a natural stone that is cut from the Earth at a quarry and produced in to tile or slab form. Marble is offered in a variety of colors from deep browns to bright white. Since this material is cut from large slabs it is often available in a wide variety of sizes. Marble is often offered in multiple finishes such as polished and honed. Marble is an absorbent stone so it must be sealed and maintained.

Marble was the stone of choice for many palaces and high-end homes because of its elegant beauty. Today marble is used in all different styles of homes and hotels on floors, walls, and backsplashes. It comes in square and rectangle shapes as well as water jet cut shapes like diamonds and arabesque. Since it is such a versatile product it can often be found in blends with glass. Due to its popularity it has inspired many porcelain tile looks which are less absorbent and don’t require sealing and maintenance. Our experts at Creative Tile can guide you through how to properly care for marble.

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