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Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles can be made of many different types of stone including onyx, quartzite, limestone, marble, slate, granite, and travertine. Natural stones are minerals that are formed in the Earth by pressure, water, and heat. Since stone is not a man-made product it has a lot of variation and each piece is different. Depending on the type of natural stone it can be more solid in color, like limestone, or have a lot of variation and movement, like onyx.

Natural stones are absorbent so they do require sealing and maintenance. Certain stones have a higher porosity like travertine versus granite which has a lower porosity but still requires sealing. Below is more information on the different types of natural stone tiles. Our expert team at Creative Tile can help you select the right stone for your project.


One of the hardest natural stone products. Granite is most commonly seen in a polished finish but can be honed or leathered. It is offered in a variety of colors from white, blue, brown, and black. Granite is available in tile form but it most popular as a countertop material.


A sedimentary rock that is mostly composed of calcium carbonate and may have small fossils of mollusks and shells. Limestone comes in a variety of neutral tones from beige to grey.


A type of hardened limestone with streaks of color. Marble is offered in a variety of colors from deep browns to bright white. Since this material is cut from large slabs it is often available in a wide variety of sizes. Marble is often offered in multiple finishes such as polished and honed.


A cryptocrystalline that is banded together in the Earth that results in a layered stone. Onyx is a rare stone and comes in a variety of colors like black, red, and honey. Onyx can often be backlit to show the stunning layers of the stone.


A hard metamorphic rock that originates from sandstone. Quartzite is available in an array of mostly neutral colors but does come in some red, pink, blue and green tones.  It has small crystals that give it a sparkling appearance in certain light.


A fine grained metamorphic rock created from shale-like rock made of clay or volcanic ash. Slate is most commonly seen is grey, blue and rust tones. Slate can be honed for a smooth texture but often has a cleft surface. It is a popular choice for foyers and outdoor areas.


A type of limestone deposit that is often tumbled but can be honed and filled for a smoother finish. Most commonly seen in a white, deep brown, and golden tones as well as a few multicolor varieties.

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