The popularity of wood look tile is rapidly increasing. With so many different choices you can select from a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Wood look tile fits every design from modern to rustic, making it a great choice for any home.

Here is a list of reasons to choose wood look tile over real hardwood:

Pets – It is a terrible feeling to look at your beautiful hardwood floors and see all the scratch marks left by your pet. Wood look tile offers all the beauty without all the problems. Your cat or dog can scratch the floors and it won’t ruin your tile. Porcelain tile is almost impervious unlike wood so if your puppy has an accident you don’t have to worry about it absorbing into the surface and causing buckling.

Wet Areas – Wood expands and often buckles when it becomes wet which makes it a bad option for bathrooms, basements, pools, and decks. Wood tile is a great alternative that allows you to achieve the wood look in any area regardless of moisture issues.

Furniture – You no longer have to put scratch resistant pads on the bottom of all your furniture because our high quality porcelain tile at Creative Tile won’t scratch or dent!

Low Maintenance – Wood tile won’t need to be refinished. The average hardwood floor needs to be refinished every 10 years. Wood needs to be cleaned with specialty products and many acid based cleaners (vinegar, ammonia, etc.) will damage your hardwood. The high quality porcelain tile we sell at Creative Tile is not damaged by acid based cleaners.

Sunlight – Sunlight won’t fade your wood tile but it will cause damage to real hardwood.

Radiant Heating – Some hardwood floors can be put on top of radiant floor heating but most wood will be damaged by the heat. All tile can be put on top of radiant floor heating.

All wood tiles will not be as durable as listed above. A porcelain tile is stronger than a ceramic tile and the quality must be good. Here at Creative Tile we only import high quality porcelain tiles. Our large selection of wood tiles ensures you will find the perfect tile for your project!


Photos and captions for wood look tile applications completed by Creative Tile:

New Tripoli, PA Remodeling Project
This project features one of many styles and colors of porcelain wood look plank tiles at the Creative Tile showroom . The homeowner installed these tiles throughout their entire first floor. They lived with scratched, dented and marred real hardwood flooring for years due to a golden retriever and three kids ruining the wood finish.

Whitehall, PA Basement With Wood Plank Tile
This basement features a wood plank tile that offers both the look and texture of wood. It pairs beautifully with ledger stone on the fireplace and columns.



Bethlehem, PA Wood Tile Plank Flooring Project
Flooring project located in Bethlehem, PA is at the Blue Grillhouse Event Center…..the porcelain wood tile planks were installed using a herringbone pattern.
bethlehem blue wood tile plank floor