New floors, even in a smaller room, can speak volumes. Case in point – this recent sunroom renovation in a West End Allentown home. Creative Tile Imports helped design the porcelain tile floor layout, and the homeowners took it from there.

The home dates back to the 1920s and embraces a Victorian feel. That allows these black and white encaustic tiles to look right at home. Tiles of this style were very popular during that era. Patterned tiles have seen a recent surge in popularity, aka – they might come off a little trendy. The best way to avoid that? Choose a pattern that accents your home. Encaustic tiles are hardly a new trend. They have actually been in use for centuries!

Luckily, the decorative look is now available in porcelain. With a room so sun-exposed, porcelain is a great choice. It won’t weather or discolor like other flooring options would. Plus, it’s easy to clean and extremely durable. This sunroom functions as a playroom for young children, so it needed to be able to take tumbling blocks or a juice spill.

Both floor tiles come from Unicom Starker’s Reverie series. Plain black 8×8 tiles created a border around the outside of the room. A metal Schluter strip finished off the edges at the fireplace, while wood transitions were used at the room’s two entryways.

This 250-square foot room already included the brick fireplace and leaded glass windows. With new floors, a fresh coat of paint and some custom-built cabinets, it became a whole new space.

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